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The other day I wrote about Burnout. Well there’s a cool kind-of related video up on the new Microsoft XNA web site called “Crash.” You should check it out.

  • Oddly enough, I did exactly that in the past with a Silicon Graphics and a network made of 200 crossed mass-springs. Really, the mathematics behind it is a no brainer (one-step Euler integration), and is highly parallelizable.

    The funny thing is that the texture itself is contributing a lot to the realistic nature of the simulation.

  • I wonder how many people would buy a game where the only thing you did was ram really expensive cars into walls and other obstacles. It sure looks like fun! :-)
  • Just wanted to let you know that your presentation on VSTO and VSTO2 were awesome!

    It was obviously a developer doing the talking, but the level of content, detail, and reasoning was very much appreciated.

    Looking forward to your security talk on Office!
  • Actually it was Eric doing the talks... I'll pass on your kind words to him. But yes, Eric is an awesome dude:

    It is of course understandable that you got mixed up --- we are the "Evil Security Twins" after all:
  • Yes - you are correct. I have both of your blogs' feeds sinking in the same folder in SharpReader (Security) and I clicked on the wrong post :)

    My apologies - to both of you :P

    Just know that there are only 3 feeds in my security folder, including MHoward - so you're both in my exclusive security club [grin]
  • Boy, it sure must annoy you when I talk about the Pet Shop Boys then ;-)

    You should try reading Dana Epp as well.
  • My favorite video games are the ones where you blow stuff up.
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