Windows Update Day

Windows Update Day

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It's the second Tuesday of the month...

That means it is time to go to and download the latest patches:

·       MS04-11 - Windows fixes

·       MS04-12 - RPC/DCOM fixes

·       MS04-13 - Outlook Express fixes

·       MS04-14 - JET fixes

Apparently Windows XP SP 2 already contains these fixes (Windows Update tells me there's nothing to do), so if you're running RC 1 then you probably won't have anything to update. You should still visit Windows Update just in case (and make sure you have Automatic Updates turned on, too!)

  • Great, the bulletin email notification service is slow again. At least this time the gutter press (e.g. The Inquirer, which is running a particularly brain-dead anti-Windows article today) hasn't got this information first.

    That TechNet site really needs an RSS feed, IMO.

    Thanks, Peter.
  • Don't be fooled by Windows Update V5 not offering you any updates. Just read the EULA, it says that it will not (though it may) include all security updates.
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