Random Post about Music

Random Post about Music

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Armin van Buuren's State of Trance 2006 is a must-have CD for any trance fans.

I recently learnt that the BBC chose the Pet Shop Boys' track Numb for their World Cup Montage [no hyperlink; it was taken down].

And the Pet Shop Boys will be in Seattle on November 5th!

Yeah baby.

  • Agreed on SoT 2006. Each volume of that series is better than the last. Amazing DJ!!!
  • Wow. I came here looking for info on iHD and what do I find? A fellow PSB fan! Greetings from Finland! Have you by any chance listened to the original demos of Sodom & Gomorrah Show and I'm With Stupid? They're available in iTunes, and I have to say I prefer the original PSB demo sound to Trevor Horn's (though he's a marvellous producer) album sound.
  • Hi Petri,

    I tried to purchase the "download only" tracks (not from iTunes, but from another store) but you need an English credit card / address. If you're in the US, you can't buy them :-(

    I hope PSB decides to make their music available everywhere in the world soon.

    P.S. Hope you found what you were looking for re: iHD as well :-)
  • So why not try iTunes? Company policy? Just kidding chief! :)

    Heck, at least PSB is coming to perform live your way. It's been years since I saw them live the last time. I'm still amazed at how well Tennant sings live; not too many artists are capable of that these days.

    They were in Denmark a while ago, but I didn't feel like spending $400 to see them there. Perhaps I should've :/
  • Last time I saw them was for the "Discovery" tour in Melbourne... oh about 13 years ago. Man, it's been a while.

    iTunes is useless to me because AAC files will only play on an iPod, and an iPod is useless to me because I have MANY gigabytes of WMAs that won't play on iPods. If only everything worked nicely together...
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