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February, 2007

  • Peter Torr's Blog

    A tip for writing script for HD DVD

    A very quick tip today, although this one trips me up a lot . When you write script files for your HDi applications, always include a blank line at the start of the file and at the end of the file. This is because the player will concatenate all the...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Red Box Debugging

    Today I have a simple debugging tip. Sometimes when you have an obscure bug, you need to answer the question "is my code even getting executed?" Often you can find that really obscure bugs are caused simply by a bad conditional, a typo, an unexpected...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    The Difference Between “Selected” and “Current” tracks

    In HD DVD, there are two ways to figure out which subtitle or audio track the user has chosen. The selectedAudioTrackNumber (and selectedAudioLanguageCode / selectedAudioLanguageCodeExtension ) properties refer to the track (language) that the user has...
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