We’ve long been fans of Channel 9 and their off the wall style. In a shameless homage to C9, we’re kicking off a UK project today called PTS-TV to connect with the tens of thousands of Microsoft Partners in a totally new way. We have 8 Partner Technology Specialists in the team and finding a way to connect such a small group with all of our partners is something we’ve been thinking about a lot. We started with PTS Press by contributing to soft and hard copy partner newsletters but we wanted to find a way to make a personal connection. This is it – and we’re keen to know what you think.


Katie Ledger of UK TV news fame is fronting up the show and the first edition is now live – you’ll not want to miss it – the outtakes alone are pure Oscar material. More videos will follow over the coming weeks and the filming will continue. We’re on the lookout for new candidates to interview internally and externally so if you have something to share or topics you’d like us to cover let Steve know.

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