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August, 2007

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About Partner-TV: telling it like it is

Partner-TV (previously known as PTS-TV) is our Partner focused video blog. We collected a lot of feedback from Partners to understand how they want to receive information from Microsoft. In addition to the Partner web site we extended PTS-TV to a wider audience with Partner-TV with downloadable audio to listen on your favourite music player!

Please visit the Partner-TV video blog at to see various people from around the business on what they do and what it means for our Partners and to comment on the discussion.  Or email us at if you would like to contribute, or have any suggestions on which topics we should cover.

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  • Partner-TV: telling it like it is

    Partner-TV: Licensing 101

    Patrick Voss and Aileen Hannah from the Partner Team discuss the sometimes sticky subject of licensing Microsoft products - sticky because its sometimes quite complicated to understand. However Patrick and Aileen manage even to make this subject very...
  • Partner-TV: telling it like it is

    Partner TV: Silverlight Overview

    I caught up with Mark Johnston to get an overview on what exactly Silverlight is and which partners should be paying attention to this new technology. Turns out most of them, whether you're a graphic designer or software developer who creates the software...
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