Emma and I caught up with Dan Rasmus who helped shape the New World of Work keynote presentation that Bill Gates first gave in 2005 and the CEO summit.  Dan talks about the concepts and ideas that are behind the paper itself and how they are being realised by some of the Microsoft technology that is now in market.  He has interesting insight also into the concept of globalisation and how that has affected businesses and how it continues to do so. 

One of the other interesting things that Dan talks about is the different types of generation that are now in the workplace and the expectations of these workers and also how they are accustomed to work and how technology can complement these new styles.  Delving into mobile working and the concept of "always on, always connected" world,  Emma asks what the opportunities and challenges are for doing business in this new and exciting environment.

For more insight on the New World of Work, be sure to visit Dan's Future of Information Work Blog.