A little while ago, I was luck enough to meet Peter King, the Office Server Group Manager at Microsoft, to talk about Microsoft's new BPOS offering. We discuss what BPOS is, and how it fits with Microsoft Online, SharePoint Online and Software plus Services (S+S). We also talk about how BPOS affects Microsoft partners, including advantages such as faster customer implementations and referral fees that partners can earn through BPOS. Peter also mentions the SPLA licensing changes which now offer more choice for both partners and customers. We talk about the BPOS training available for partners on the partner portal and the readiness plan available on Discover Online Services. Finally, Peter gives us some insight into the future of BPOS.


BPOS was launched in the UK on March 3rd - visit the Microsoft Online website to find out more and to learn how you can get involved, and don't forget to join the BPOS Partner Network.


Please note: there are  some audio issues at the beginning of this interview; however they only affect the introduction.