I rolled out of the keynote a few days ago and queued up with the rest of the DVD junkies in order to get the beta software distributed to PDC attendees. Queue was forming fast, but media distribution people (or MDPs) would not start handing out the disks until 11:30 (same time as the end of keynote). Synchronize watches --- 11:20 AM. Oops!

After 10 minutes fidgeting in queue I received the DVDs... Doh!!! No RC of VS 2005 or (and perhaps more importantly) no beta 3 of VSTF! Double Doh!!

News flash.... attendees will received VS 2005 RC media before departing LA. >> Insert Dance of Joy Here <<.

Beta 3 of VSTF to follow in about a week to 10 days. Will check MSDN download site to see if any bits avaialble there... Doh!!! Need to renew MSDN subscription. More on the NEW MSDN EXPERIENCE later.