There is a beta Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider available for download here

This component will allow users of VS6 (VB6, VC6, etc) and almost any other IDE that supports the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI) to use Team Foundation Server directly from within the IDE.  Footnotes are:

  • Unfortunately it does not yet support VS2003 or VS2002.  We are working to add support for those now and expect to have them available when the Team Foundation Release Candidate ships.
  • The plugin available now only works with TFS Beta3 and Beta3 refresh.  Don't try to use it with Beta2 or the Dec CTP.
  • This plugin is Beta only and is not included in the TFS "Go-live" program.  If you use it, your only avenue to support is through the TFS newsgroups.
  • The functionality of the plugin is not 100% finished.  Most of it is there but some TFS functionality (like checkin policies) is not yet exposed.
  • If you try this beta release, please let us know how it goes.  Post to the TFS forums, comment on this blog post, or enter bugs in the MSDN Feedback Center

-- Jeff O