One of my favorite cartoon characters was Mr. Know-It-All. Am I dating myself? Why not - Bullwinkle still rocks after all these years.

How would you like to be Mr. Know-It-All when it comes to project management theory and life cycle support underlying Visual Studio Team Foundation Server? Run, don't walk to the book store when this book RTMs from Addison-Wesley:

Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System is written by Sam Guckenheimer, Group Product Planner for Visual Studio 2005 Team System. IMHO, this book is obligatory reading for any practitioner using or implementing Visual Studio Team System.

What is core value of using the TFS repository for team development? What are the key metrics captured by VSTS for tracking project health and status? What information is conveyed by the default project management reports? Why were these metrics and reports selected for inclusion in the core product?

All valid questions - and the answers are critical to your understanding and effective use of one the most important software development tools from Microsoft in quite some time. This book will answer these questions and certainly much more. HIGHLY recommended!

Ken Garove