If you have installed the LINQ CTP, then you've probably had the unpleasant surprise of Smart Tags not working correctly with C# code.  This was a huge bummer for me because I use the "resolve" feature like it's going out of style!  If you aren't familiart with this feature, it's sooo nice.  Let's say you know the name of a class that is in an assembly you have already added to your project references, but you haven't added a using statement for the namespace of the class.  If you type the class name (I'm using the Thread class in the picture below), you will see a Smart Tag indicator:

If you place the cursor over the Smart Tag, Visual Studio 2005 will suggest adding either a using statement or fully qualifying the class:

If you click the "using" suggestion, Visual Studio 2005 will add the using statement to the top of your code file for you:

This is the feature that is broken if you install the LINQ May CTP.  Luckily, there is a workaround.  Hartmut Maennel has posted the workaround here.



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