Team Foundation Power Toy adds all manner of functionality to the already rich set of source control features surfaced through Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Inspired by the great directors of the big screen, I decided to slip into my Ferragamos and have it. The result of my cinematic exploration of Team Foundation Power Toy can be found here:

In this installment, I cruise north on Route 1 to Bodega Bay, and uncover a amazing array of fucntionality in TFPT that allows users to take Team Foundation controlled sources offline, and then to later re-synch with the TFS server when reconnected to the LAN back in the Bay area. Enjoy the video with the top down, unless you see a gaggle of Icterids gatering.

AUTHOR: Alfred Hitchcock
QUOTATION: One of television’s great contributions is that it brought murder back into the home, where it belongs.
ATTRIBUTION: National Observer 15 Aug 66


Ken garove