There’s some interesting stuff going on in the Microsoft “Robotics Studio.” It’s funny, as an employee of the company for over 4 years now; I didn’t even know that we had a “Robotics Studio!” Anyway, check out the video on Channel 9: The interesting part is that the SDK and framework is based on Service Orientation and supports “Managed” .NET code. That’s right, Robotics programming with .NET (C#, VB, or any other .NET language).

Here’s the teams corporate website:

Here’s their blog site:

Now, if I could just get my wife to let me take apart the vacuum cleaner and toaster, I could really build something neat. Move over Roomba; here’s comes Vacuum-DotNet-A-Bot, or better yet maybe I will call it Rosie-Beta (from the Jetsons), but I need to check the copyright implications.


~ Robert Shelton