Great, well just give me today’s TFS tools already. If you’re anxious to get the best tools available to do today’s work that was more that likely due yesterday, then check out Brain Harry’s blog posting about the new TFS Power Toys with VS 2005 IDE integration.  My favorite happens to be annotate. The TFS add-ons provide a batch of great functionality that will help immediately with development tasks and source control. BTW, while you’re on Brian’s blog site, be sure to scroll down just a bit and read his musings on Power Toys. This blog entry is an important clarification regarding the release schedules and support for PT utilities and the posting in questions is called A Bit on Power Toy Philosophy

Our “Age of Anxiety” is, in great part, the result of trying to do today’s job with yesterday’s tools—with yesterday’s concepts.
Authors: McLuhan, Marshall; Fiore, Quentin
Categories: anxiety; modern times
Attribution: Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980), Canadian communications and media theorist, and Quentin Fiore. The Medium Is the Massage, Random House (1967).