While I don't frequently suggest people study my face, I do suggest that antsy developers interested in discovering what's around the bend take a look at our Visual Studio developer tools roadmap at:


Ton's of cool stuff pending in the Orcas and Rosario Viusal Studio releases and yes, it's OK to say Rosario outside of the MS big house, and in polite society.

Here are a few of my favorites, cherry picked for your edification:


  • Web access to TFS
  • Code metrics to show cyclomatic complexity calculations
  • Support multi-threaded builds with the new MSBuild.
  • Build queuing and queue management
  • Destroy- The version control destroy operation provides administrators with the ability to remove files and folders from the version control system


  • Joint prioritization and management of IT projects through integration with Microsoft Project Server
  • Project management across multiple projects for proactively load balancing resources according to business priorities
  • Full traceability (inc. hierarchical work items) to track project deliverables against business requirements and the ability to conduct rapid impact analysis of proposed changes

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