I've recently moved the SharePoint Document Workflow "How To" Workshop.  Here's the new location of the downloads.  The good news is that they are still free! :)

This series of workshops are filled with:

  • Step-by-Step examples
  • Screen shots of almost every step that I take (so that you'll never get lost :) )
  • Code (downloadable and shown in the document),
  • Comments in the code (rare to find those anymore these days :))
  • details about which options I chose (why and the alternative options)
  • References to books, blogs, webs sites that I used to learn how to do this

You can download the workshop documents and sample code here:

  • Part 1: Creating a basic SharePoint document workflow with Visual Studio 2008
  • Part 2: Introduction to custom ASP.NET Forms (Association Form)
  • Part 3: Introduction to custom ASP.NET Forms continued (Instantiation/Initialization Form)
  • Part 4: Workflow Tasks (TaskEdit Form)

Also, checkout my Video How-to's for SharePoint Workflow:

  • Enabling (incoming/outgoing) email for SharePoint/MOSS 2007 servers (Click here to see it)
  • Extracting document details from within a workflow (Click here to see it)
  • Extracting email addresses and send emails with workflow (click here to see it)


           Sample Page from the workshop document:


~Robert Shelton