This is a 2nd part of a series that I am doing on "Building Document Workflow" in SharePoint/MOSS 2007 that I am producing.  You can find the freely downloadable workshops that accompanying these videos on my blog here.

The scenario is a company has created a portal which will accept resume's for job postings, and that via workflow, the MOSS 2007 portal will handle the workflow (automatically and with human interaction where needed) to process the resume's (documents).


To see the video and associated posting: Click here

In this example, I will show how to use the WorkflowProperties Object to get information about the file being uploaded.  With SharePoint Workflow you get a variety of detailed information about your workflow item (i.e., Document), including the file name, who uploaded/emailed it, when it was last check in/out, etc. 

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~ Robert Shelton