My colleague Vlad Vinogradsky, who is the lead architect on OGDI has done a great job of describing how OGDI relates to Data.GOV.

1) OGDI is a (government) data publishing solution not a place or location ( today is a place that federates data published and hosted by government entities)

2) OGDI-based repositories make data readily and efficiently query-able and mash-able by people and software

3) OGDI-based repositories render data in a consistent way in a small number of open formats, e.g. Atom, JSON, KML

OGDI, as it stands today, complements rather than competes with it. It empowers federal, state and local government customers to publish their data faster and cheaper.

Thanks, Vlad!

Data.GOV is a much needed ‘data portal’ which helps you find data, and takes you to the web site of the publishing agency where the data is made available.  OGDI is a data publishing solution which will help government organizations publish data.  A perfect compliment!

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