We’ve been working with Sunlight labs (a segment of Sunlight foundation) to build a version of their highly successful Congress application for the upcoming release of Windows Phone 7.  If you want to:

  • Know what your elected officials in Congress are up to?
  • Call your representatives to make your voice heard ?
  • Find out who represents you using your phone’s location?
  • Browse lawmakers by state, committee, or name?
  • Read about them in the news?
  • Follow their twitter feed and watch their videos on YouTube?

…then Congress is just the app you need!

Even more exciting is that this project is offered to the community as open source code so if you’d like to extend or enhance the application using the Sunlight API it’s all there for you to do!  This is really a great example of how the Open Government initiative is helping constituents connect with their representatives and stay involved in the decisions that shape our country!  Check out this brief video where I demo the basic functionality of the application, and stay tuned for more information about how this application was built!!

Get Microsoft Silverlight


Don’t forget to download Congress for your Windows Phone 7 on November 8th!!!!