Please join us for Microsoft Public Sector Developer Roadshows – see below for details and registration links!

About the Event

Microsoft invites you to join us for a half day of developer-oriented technical sessions, featuring Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The event begins with a presentation on Visual Studio 2010 – new features, add-ons and SKU plan changes. The next presentation will discuss how Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2010 integrates with Office 2010, including how to plan projects with VSTS as well as branching and merging visualization. This will be followed by a deep a look at the new Manual Test Runner in Visual Studio 2010 and cover changes in the new .NET 4 framework that could change the way you code. The last session of the day will provide information on licensing and upgrading to VSTS 2010, as well as a quick overview of MSDN changes.


The sessions will target Developers, Architects and Web designers, be very much demonstration oriented, and will be delivered by seasoned technical specialists with experience in Government and Public Sector. Seize this opportunity to immerse yourself amidst these exciting new technologies!


Mike Gresley – Developer Technical Specialist, Microsoft

Tracy Applegate – Developer Solution Specialist, Microsoft


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Event ID


Developer Roadshow   San Diego, CA



Developer Roadshow  AM   Santa Ana, CA



Developer Roadshow  PM   Santa Ana, CA 



Developer Roadshow  Los Angeles, CA



Developer Roadshow  San Bernardino, CA  


or Register by Phone: 1-877-MSEVENT (9AM-7PM EST. M-F) - Reference Event ID noted above

Agenda Topics


What’s New:  Visual Studio 2010’s New Features, Add-Ons & SKU Plan changes

All roles

How Visual Studio Team System 2010 integrates with Office 2010: Planning Your Projects with VSTS 2010 (ALM/Requirements & Resource Management); Branching and Merging Visualization

Analysts, architects, developers, PMO, operations & management

Q&A/Chalk Talk

Testing tools: a look at the new Manual Test Runner in 2010; .NET 4 Framework: Changes in the new framework that could change the way you code

Architects, designers, developers, build master

Licensing & Upgrading to VSTS 2010; MSDN Changes: a quick overview

Procurement, management & Ops