Please join us from 2-3pm Eastern Time for the Microsoft TechCast on October 27, 2011:

Building Solutions on the Windows Azure platform for Public Sector



What do you need to know about the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing platform as you get ready to build the next generation of business solutions? We will discuss various aspects of the Windows Azure platform in a series of webcasts. In this webcast, we will discuss building solutions on the Windows Azure platform for the public sector.

Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud platform that enables developers to quickly build and deploy scalable and secure applications. Through demos, you will learn how to get started building your first Windows Azure application in Microsoft data centers, and how to build and deploy an application to the cloud from staging to production.

Target Audience: Technical Decision Makers, Developers and Architects.

Presenter: Dr. Zhiming Xue “Z" is a senior Microsoft Architect Evangelist, based in the Washington DC area. He focuses on the Windows Azure platform while continuing to evangelize Microsoft technologies such as Windows Phone, SharePoint, Silverlight, ASP.NET and the web platform. Prior to his current role, he played lead developer and architect roles at Microsoft Services to support enterprise customers in both private sector and public sector. You can follow his blog at