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January, 2009

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    DependencyProperty Precedence(4)

    If you want to know that where the value of DependencyProperty comes from, there is a class called DependencyPropertyHelper . 1: public static class DependencyPropertyHelper 2: { 3: // Methods 4: public static ValueSource GetValueSource...
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    DependencyProperty Precedence(3)

    Let’s focused on the coercion of DP value. In the precedence list, the coercion source is the highest. In order to verify it, I have created a class called CoercionButton. 1: public class CoercionButton : Button 2: { 3: static CoercionButton...
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    DependencyProperty Precedence(2)

    One common question is that: Why can’t change the DependencyProperty value after applying animation with a hold behavior and how to solve it? I have create a simple solution to go deep on coercion, animation and local value. You can download it by clicking...
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    DependencyProperty Precedence(1)

    You know that value of DependencyProperty may come from different sources and all there sources has some priority. In this blog, I focus on the precedence list when calculating the value of DependencyProperty. Highest precedence is listed first: From...
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