One of our Editor Developers (Noah Richards) has uploaded the first and second Visual Studio extension on the new Visual Studio Gallery.

The two extensions are a Wiki Classifier that shows .mwiki files in a nice easily readable format inside the VS Editor and a Diff/Patch classifier that handles .diff and .patch files, and also displays them in a easily readable format inside the Editor.

Our Shell PM, Weston Hutchins posted our first downloadable VS Template.  It's a VB Card Game Starter Kit (originally built back in VS 2005 and updated to work for VS 2010).

After you install Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1, launch the New Project Dialog, go online and you can try out the Card Game Starter Kit.

If you go to the Extension Manager, you'll also be able to see and download the Card Game starter kit, along with the two classifier extensions.

Expect more extensions to be posted in the coming days from our partners and other Microsoft engineers.