When it comes to app development, there's usually one motive behind why most developers launch an app into a platform's store: money.

Looking at metrics from the Windows Store, there's a clear leader in the revenue opportunity game and it's, well... Games.

Graph showing the total revenue vs total available apps in the category                           
Index of average revenue per app, in each category – Worldwide, Jan. 2014

So upon seeing that there's potential in the Games category, the next step is taking your game and porting it to the Windows Store.

If you're on Unity, you're in luck! We're seeing some great results for devs who have ported their games over to the Windows Store using the free Windows Store Add-On in Unity. Over on the UK Developers site, William from COGG Games talked about how he initially planned to use his entry to the Windows Store as a test. However, the results of his test speak for themselves:

"We were very pleased with how well Unity worked, and were also very surprised at the download numbers from the Microsoft platforms, which had almost 50% of downloads across all platforms we released."

We don't want just the UK Developers having all the fun, so we've scheduled our own Porting weekend on March 29/30! You'll be able to learn from the experts and go in the running for some great prizes!

Read more and Register: http://w8.msdeveloper.com.au/Pages/Events.aspx