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June, 2012

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My name is Simon Lidberg and I have been working for Microsoft with SQL Server since 2000, when I joined from Compaq where I used to work as a SAP Basis consultant. At Microsoft I have had various roles within support and sales but always with SQL Server since many years I have now moved into the BI space. It is really a fascinating to help companies and organizations get data out of their databases in a way that ordinary people can understand and consume. Right now I work as a Solution Architect in the Data Insights Center of Excellence.

  • QuerySimon

    BI data on maps in SQL Server 2012 part 2

    In my previous post http://blogs.msdn.com/b/querysimon/archive/2012/06/17/bi-data-on-maps-in-sql-server-2012.aspx I described how to create a Reporting Services report that contains custom map data. One of the drawbacks with the mapping component in SSRS...
  • QuerySimon

    BI data on maps in SQL Server 2012 part 1

    I often get questions around how to show business intelligence data on maps in the Microsoft BI stack. Some people thinks that we do not support this for the entire world but only for US. I think that this misunderstanding comes from the fact that the...
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