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  • Blog Post: How to control allocations when using write-back in Excel 2010

    One of the first questions that I usually gets when showing write-back in Excel 2010 to Analysis Services cubes is how you can control the allocation of values between dimension members. By default you will get an equal allocation based on the number of dimension members. This setting will divide the...
  • Blog Post: Handling Dates in PowerPivot

    Recently a former colleague contacted me on how to format dates in PowerPivot. She had a date column in a PowerPivot workbook that she wanted to show on the row axis in a PivotTable. However no matter how she formatted the column either in the PowerPivot window or in the PivotTable it always showed...
  • Blog Post: Writeback to Analysis Services cubes from Excel 2010

    Analysis Services have had write back functionality for a long time; however there has been no client support for writeback in the most used BI client on the market (Excel). One of the new features in Excel 2010 is the ability to perform writeback to Analysis Services cubes. In order to write back...
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