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  • Blog Post: BI data on maps in SQL Server 2012 part 2

    In my previous post http://blogs.msdn.com/b/querysimon/archive/2012/06/17/bi-data-on-maps-in-sql-server-2012.aspx I described how to create a Reporting Services report that contains custom map data. One of the drawbacks with the mapping component in SSRS is that you cannot zoom interactively in your...
  • Blog Post: BI data on maps in SQL Server 2012 part 1

    I often get questions around how to show business intelligence data on maps in the Microsoft BI stack. Some people thinks that we do not support this for the entire world but only for US. I think that this misunderstanding comes from the fact that the map gallery in Reporting Services only shows data...
  • Blog Post: Enabling Crescent in SharePoint 2010

      If you followed my earlier post ( http://blogs.msdn.com/b/querysimon/archive/2011/07/18/installing-sharepoint-2010-together-with-denali-ctp3.aspx ) about installing Denali CTP3 together with SharePoint 2010 then you will find that Reporting Services have not been enabled in the SharePoint site...
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