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James Quick- Microsoft Technical Evangelist South Florida

About Quick Thoughts


About Quick Thoughts



My name is James Quick. and I am a Microsoft Technical Evangelist in the South Florida area.  I graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree I Computer Science and Spanish in May of 2013.  As a Technical Evangelist, my job is to grow the development community in the area as well as to drive Windows apps (Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure).  I am looking to make any connections in the area, and am excited to progress around the area, networking and teaching as I go.

My background in college (outside of the classroom) revolved around developing a couple of Android Apps and doing a little web development.  As I ramp up in my new role, I will be learning to develop Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure apps, and will be developing with many different tools.  Please feel free to contact me at any point.  My contact information is on my homepage.