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  • Blog Post: First Mobile Web App with JQuery Mobile

    I just posted my Intro to JQuery Mobile write up, and as promised, I am following up with a couple of videos. The first video is a hands on demo of building your first Mobile Web App with JQuery Mobile. The web app will be a simply Magic 8 Ball app, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it, and I hope you do as...
  • Blog Post: Intro To JQuery Mobile

    I just recently got interested in exploring different web technologies, frameworks, etc.  In college, I did a tad bit with html and javascript, but not enough to feel very comfortable.  Anyways, in some of my recent free time, I have been playing around with JQuery Mobile, and am excited about...
  • Blog Post: Construct 2 Trivia App Part 1(Layout and Reading From File)

    This is the first part in a 3 part series on how to build a Trivia App using Construct 2, a free drag and drop type tool for creating cross platform games. This tutorial will cover some of the basics of Construct 2, including editing layout and text boxes as well as reading text from a file. The intent...
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