what happened? Similar work like week before, travelled to my SP2013 customers in Hannover and Hamburg. Joined an excellent Team Event in Munich with Microsoft Consulting Services.

  • ShareCamp AT in Vienna
    Max Melcher has written down his notes and summaries, also links to presentations. Read more about Toni Pohl`s impressions and what Thorsten Hans shares
  • Starting Yammer conversations from documents stored in SharePoint
    Very useful and brandew feature on Office365/SPO. Share documents from SharePoint into Yammer, choose topic, mentions and groups and add a status update.
  • Enterprise Social Collaboration Progression Model
    New WhitePaper written by Mark Ashbrook from Microsoft
  • How to create a new result type in SharePoint Server 2013
    Another great deep dive into Enterprise Search, more parts to follow
  • Michael Greth`s ToolBox 73
    Contains Knockout Binders (KoSP)  for REST API and SP Services, a Workflow Dashboard and a SharePoint Host named Site Collection (HSNC) Creator
  • Managed Metadata Navigation
    Oliver Wirkus has written his own guide to this topic
  • How To Control App Token Lifetimes in SharePoint 2013
    Steve Peschka explains (due to questions on Twtter)  how caching tokens in High Trust Apps work
  • Design Sample: Corporate Portal with Host-named Sites for SharePoint Server 2013
    Technet Download  illustrates the use of host-named site collections with all sites deployed in a single web application on the farm. This method is highly scalable and is flexible in managing URLs.
  • Howto display valus from managed properties in search results
    2nd article and another option to realize it
  • SharePoint Podcast with Michael Greth
    Interview with Markus Raatz about PowerBI in Office 365 (in German)