my week: SP2013 Sizing & Tuning for fast crawling systems, SharedDocs Integration, Audio & Video Indexing (RAMP), Email Preview in Search Result Lists.
Flight to Amsterdam, Yammer Social Journey Conference, booked! 
  • Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms
    Official Blogpost: InfoPath won't see any new major releases but is supported until 2023
  • SkyDrive renamed to OneDrive
    ... and SkyDrive Pro is now called OneDrive for Business 
  • Yammer free and included in Academic Office365 Plans
    German Blogpost: Starting from April 1st Yammer is going to be included in EDU Office365 
  • ShareCoffee.Search is available
    New Github AddOn for ShareCoffee! Easy way to execute a get, suggest and post query
  • Office365 Podcast: Interview with Jono Luk
    Jono is Program Manager at MSFT, owning DirSync for Office365. Listen here 
  • Enterprise Social sessions at SharePoint Conference 2014 #esn #socbiz #spc14
    Christophe Fiessinger has collected all relevant sessions
  • New Office 365 Partner Admin Center
    Easier way to create and track service requests, check health status, find and perform admin task. Blogpost
  • SharePoint Podcast 288 with Michael Greth
    Topic: Third Party Tools  (in German) 
  • SharePoint 2013 Crawl Tuning Part 2: Content Processing Component
    New blog series about Search Tuning by Pete Dempsey, MSFT FTE 
  • Office 365 Identity Program streamlined, Single SignOn with 3rd Party Provider
    New program described here 
  • SharePoint 2013 Search API Results Webpart
    Codeplex: javascript displays tabular result set