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Social Bookmarking Tool Page

Social Bookmarking Tool Page

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Social Bookmarking is rocking big time these days! If you are not aware of it by any chance, read this. Look at http://www.digg.com/, http://www.del.icio.us.com/, http://www.reddit.com/, and the list seems to be never ending. I encountered an online service from http://social.front.lv/ which lets you create automatic tags online for quite a lot of different services. Pretty cool!!

I have written this tool because I wanted to have an interface using which you could add the services that you like, and add a set of effects to these Social Bookmarklets. This Page is dedicated to a very simple tool which I have developed and will continue to add different features whenever I get some time.

Social Bookmarking Plugin for Windows Live Writer released

This is a plugin for Windows Live Writer and drastically reduces the number of steps to insert these social bookmarking tags! Go for it, if you use WLW for blogging. In the other case, keep reading and download the Desktop version 2.0 of this tool

Download this Plugin for Windows Live Writer here
Release Notes
Issues which I noticed while using it with WLW 1.0 latest beta

Version 2.0 Released with Icons capabilities

Now, you can create icons as shown below, instead of links...

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Download Version 2.0 here
Release Notes

Version 1.1 now supports 20 bookmarking websites
Version 1.1

Now you can create links with CSS.
Modify the links the way you like it globally... at one shot! (Initially it used to have just Bold and Italics feature and I have removed it)
Sample output now looks like...

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Download Version 1.1 here
Release Notes

Version 1.0

Download it and add autogenerated links to your blog post/article/white paper etc. in a jiffy. At present there are 6 different options and a sample output looks like...

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Once you click on any of them, they automatically take you to the Social Bookmarking websites and the details in their forms are filled in accordingly.

Download Version 1.0 here
Release Notes


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