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Social Bookmarking Tags for Windows Live Writer

Social Bookmarking Tags for Windows Live Writer

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I am not very good in keeping promises, but this time I will make an exception :) I promised a while ago that I will create a WLW plugin for the Social Bookmarking Tool that would ease the process of creating social bookmarking tags automatically for the blog posts. So, finally... I release this version of Social Bookmarking Tags generator which will be a plugin in Windows Live Writer.


Once you install it, you will need to reopen your WLW, and you should be able to see the following icon in your WLW Insert section...


Click on it, and you should see the following...

The only two things you need to enter are URL and Title. Unfortunately, you won't get it until you publish the blog post using File -> Publish to Weblog in WLW!

So, here are the steps which you need to take now...

1. Compose a blog in WLW, and click on File -> Publish to Weblog
2. Once you publish, you should be able to view your post automatically (ensure that File -> View Post after Publishing is checked). Go back to WLW and point the cursor to the end of the post.
3. Now copy the URL from your browser and click on the Insert Bookmarking Tags link in your WLW
4. Provide URL and Title in the dialog box which comes up and click on Done. You should now be able to see a bunch of icons as shown in the end of this post.
5. Publish again!!

Whenever any visitor likes your blog post, he will be able to click his favorite icon and bookmark your post without any hassles now!

Also, you can get a nice effect when you hover over the links if you modify the stylesheet in your blog site (a one time configuration). Please check this link and see the CSS and Javascript configuration section... http://blogs.msdn.com/rahulso/archive/2007/04/14/social-bookmarking-tool-1-1.aspx

Until next time Wave

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  • You've been kicked (a good thing) - Trackback from DotNetKicks.com

  • One feature request..

    After opening the dialog, it does not go with escape button. We explicitely have to press Exit button to close the dialog, please add escape key functionality.

  • very cool!!

    I will give it a try for sure :)


  • Hi Jigar,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    I have updated the setup file and you should be able to press escape to close the window.

    And thanks Alikl... to get the best effect out of this tool, you may also like to customize your CSS files as per http://blogs.msdn.com/rahulso/archive/2007/04/14/social-bookmarking-tool-1-1.aspx.

    Sorry about forgetting that crucial information in this blog post!

    Thanks and regards,


  • Nice to see this feature added to Live Writer - especially since it also supports some many of tagging

  • Nice to see this feature added to Live Writer - especially since it also supports some many of tagging

  • nice buddy keep it up

  • Another Plug-in which I wrote for inserting social bookmarks automatically in WLW needs a re-install.

  • may I have this ability to customize my own social bookmarks? I can add some social bookmark service which not collected default.

  • Rahul,

    I must say you've done a great job with this. I've been using your plug-in since WLW came out, and am very happy.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you everyone!! :)

  • I would really love to use this plugin, but it seems to me that there's a little bit of logic missing here. If I hit the publish button, that typically means I'm done. My post is live and I shouldn't be touching it again except in circumstances where I may need to do further editing. I don't consider inserting the social links as one of this post-publishing exceptions, but rather a pre-publishing excercise like adding tags and categories.

    Are you able to allow users to insert the social links before they publish, rather than after the publish? Also, those fields in the dialog should probably be pre-populated if you're applying it to a particular post (or whichever article window has focus at the time)

  • Frank Arrigo suggested this little plugin by Rahul Soni that allows you to add little social networking

  • Frank Arrigo suggested this little plugin by Rahul Soni that allows you to add little social networking

  • I wanted to use V2.0 but when I went to install it it said I needed .NET 1.1 installed which considering I already have 2.0 and 3.5 installed doesn't really make sense.

    Anyway to have this requirement removed? or do I really need to install 1.1 to use this plugin?

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