Office Accounting 2008 has shipped and is available for immediate download.

It's a fantastic release and is now available in the UK as well as the US. For the US market, Office Accounting is now available both in English and in Spanish languages.

The 2008 release is the third version of the software and has a number of new features that will help users get more out of their day to day business operations. Some of these are :

  • New budgeting capabilities
  • Excel pivot tables
  • Easy import from excel (including transactions)
  • Ability to create purchase order from a sales order
  • More capabilities to email documents including pdf, xps and word attachment capabilities
  • Batch processing
  • Pre-payments
  • Bulk email
  • Simplified account creation
  • Improved online banking
  • Ability to add Line of Credit account
  • Enhanced recurring transaction support
  • Ability to add status watermarks
  • Inventory Reorder
  • QuickBooks 2007 Import

And the feature that is my absolute favorite is a central resource center where users will be able to ask each other questions via our news groups, find accountants, access our knowledge base and video tutorials, download updates and get syndicated feeds from blogs and other web sites (via an RSS feed). And all of this in one location and just a mouse click or two away.

We have also enabled CPAs and other key advisors to our users to add their own content, web site and tools into the Office Accounting 2008 product via menu and tool bar options making OA the single destination to run a business in the most easy and intuitive manner.

A tremendous amount of engineering work has gone into the Office Accounting product and I hope it is a super valuable tool for our users to gain competitive advantage in the business world !!

Detailed information about Office Accounting can be found at :

US English product:

US Spanish product:

UK English product: