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  • Blog Post: SSIS, SQL Agent, Credential, Proxies and the -1073741515 process exit code

    Recently I have been dealing with a really weird error while trying to execute a SSIS package using a SQL Agent Job with a concrete user credential. The error that I've got was: Executed as user: XXXXX. The step did not generate any output. The return value was unknown. The process exit code was ...
  • Blog Post: Useful T-SQL Scripts

    A couple of very useful and heavy used T-SQL scripts... Finally, I have decided to post both in order to find them every time I need with out having to re-author: 1. Kill all existing connections to a certain database: USE master DECLARE @DataBaseName varchar(255) = '<YOUR_DATABASE_NAME>...
  • Blog Post: Web App Performance Counters Compilation

    In order measure the performance of a common web application (a web frontend connected to a database server), to which performance counters we have to pay attention?. If we are trying to diagnose a performance problem, where to start?. What does each performance counter means? When I have to get worried...
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