December, 2006

  • Grammarware, Haskellware, XMLware

    Generalized vs. dynamic interfaces

    In a comment on “ More Haskell in Java 7 or 8? ”, I get this question “How does your `Retroactive Interface Implementation’ [in JavaGI ] compare with VB9's `dynamic Interfaces?’” Very much appreciated question! At this point in time (but this might...
  • Grammarware, Haskellware, XMLware

    More Haskell in Java 7 or 8?

    So C# (3.0) has lambdas, list-processing functions, some good amount of type inference … hey, who would have thought that mainstream OO programming would get so much less dysfunctional say just 2 years ago. Now Haskell is cool for many reasons other than...
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