March, 2004

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    Enumerating FXCop Rules

    Here's some code to enumerate FXCop rules , the input is a path to a folder containing assemblies that implement the rules, the output is an XML file that lists all the rules by assembly. I needed the list to import into a db. The function loads an...
  • Ramesh Raman's WebLog

    How do you manage your FXCop Rules?

    For those of you who use FXCop Do you apply all rules, or do you use a subset that applies to your specific situation? If you're specific about your rules, what process do use to select them (e.g. does someone do the groundwork and then you meet...
  • Ramesh Raman's WebLog

    Using the WMI Provider to Configure IIS 6.0 - A Data Driven Approach

    Many of us use scripts to setup our web servers, a lot of the work is boilerplate - create sites, vroots.... To ease maintanence work over the last year i've moved to a data driven approach to setting up web sites. I use an XML configuration file to describe...
  • Ramesh Raman's WebLog

    Ramesh Signing On

    Hi, Welcome to my blog. I've been reading other's blogs for a while now and finding it really useful, and would like to make a contribution of my own. I don't have specific theme for my blog , except to share what i think may be useful to a wider...
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