December, 2003

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    I am going on vacation from tomorrow. I will have intermittent connectivity and i hope to post some of the things that i was thinking for the past few days.
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    Litmus test for the agillity of architecture

    Today’s business environment is very dynamic. Things change all the time. Definition of business concepts such as customer or employee changes over a period of time. Business rules change more frequently than business concepts. Think about new federal...
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    Manually creating DTC Transactions

    I have seen this article somewhere before. I am not able to find it. I modified the code little bit and reposting it here. Scenario: There are cases where your application has to update your database and queue messages to MSMQ in a single atomic transaction...
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    Pagination and SQL

    Almost all applications require end-users to search through information. Search results are often shown in some sort of list controls such as Grid, Listview etc. It is very often the case that the search results contain too many records to show in one...
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    OR Technologies discussion contd

    What a way to start a blog!!! Got slammed by many people for my cut-throat remarks on futility of current OR technologies. But, I love to have continued discussion on this subject. There is couple of things to start with a) My remarks are derived from...
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    Futility of Object-Relational technologies

    OR (Object-Relational) technologies attempt to abstract OO developer from knowing intricacies of relational database. It does so by de-coupling the object definition from its persistence. Persistence layer will do the 'right thing' to persist information...
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    Here is a little intro about me. I am a Solutions Architect in this little team called .NET Enterprise Architecture Team. My primary focus is in providing solutions to some of the recurrent issues that our enterprise customers face in building solutions...
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