March, 2004

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    Make Services Idempotent

    In the brave new world of service orientation, service requests may fail due to different reasons that may include network connectivity, resource failures (like db failure) etc. When a client receives a failure, all it can do is to retry for a while and...
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    SOA Real-World challenges

    This post discusses some of the challenges architects/designers face while trying to implement SOA in their Enterprise. Our team has been working with customers for the past two and half years to implement SOA. This post reflects collective experience...
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    SOA - Real World Challenges reposted

    I guess I shouldn't post a blog during mid-night. Here is my second try. My views on real-world challenges can be found here
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    Service Boundaries, Business Services and Data

    One of the core tenets of SOA is that the services have a clearly defined boundary. Services explicitly choose to expose certain (business) functions outside the boundary. Another tenet of SOA is that a service - with in its boundary - owns, encapsulates...
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    BTS 2004

    IMHO, Biztalk Server is the only team in Microsoft that understands integration issues. They have delivered a product that in my opinion provides complete solution for the B2B as well as EAI scenarios. The two things I love about the product are - Orchestration...
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    Making Services Idempotent - II

    This post covers the scenarios where you are building web-service gateway over legacy applications. In my previous post we covered the basic implementation for making services idempotent. We talked about the notion of persistent log that keeps track of...
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    Making Services Idempotent - Part II

    I have created this as an article. Please follow this link .
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