May, 2004

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    EVMs and Indian Elections

    India, world's largest democracy, just recently successfully completed the general election for its parliament. For the first time in its history, India has successfully used EVM (Electronic Voting Machines) for the polls in all the constituencies. ...
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    Entity Aggregation white paper released

    In my earlier posts, I was talking some of the real world challenges that an architect face while trying to implement SOA in their enterprise. Entity Aggregation is one of those problems. You can read more about entity aggregation here .
  • RunOfTheMillBlog

    Integration Patterns preview released

    PAG has released the preview of integration patterns which can be found here . I contributed/co-author of the Entity Aggregation pattern which can be found here . My solo paper on Entity Aggregation will be released in MSDN sometime soon.
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    Moving to India DPE

    I haven't been able to post for a long time as I was involved in too many things - one of the things happen to be my move to India DPE as an Architect Evangelist. I am really excited about the opportunity to interact with developers and architects...
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