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    10 Office Visual How-to Screencasts Now Published for MOSS!


    A couple of weeks ago I announced the arrival of a new content type: the Office Visual How-to Screencast. Now instead of 3 of them we have published 10 for MOSS!


    • Creating a Custom Search Page and Tabs in the Search Center of SharePoint Server by Patrick Tisseghem, U2U
      The Search Center is a new type of site that is included by default in the site collection when you provision a collaboration portal. Its goal is to provide users with a customized search experience, and to replace the search box that is available at the top of the pages in the portal. There are two editions of the Search Center: the Search Center Lite and the Search Center with Tabs. The Search Center Lite is typically added to site collections where the publishing features are not activated. An example is a site collection with only team sites. The Search Center with Tabs offers a full customization using a tab-based user interface, but it requires the publishing features to be active. This is the case by default within collaboration portals. This article covers two customization options that can be performed in the Search Center with Tabs: how to add custom search pages and tabs, and, how to replace the XSLT for the search results with a custom XSLT.
    • Creating and Exposing Managed Properties in the Advanced Search Page of SharePoint Server Enterprise Search by Patrick Tisseghem, U2U
      Lists and document libraries in SharePoint sites typically have extra columns defined for them. This custom metadata is collected by the crawler when it indexes the contents of these containers. Administrators can expose this custom metadata to the users who perform search queries in the Search Center. The Advanced Search page has a property picker that can be populated with managed properties. This article explains and illustrates how to expose managed properties to the user, and also explains how developers can programmatically create managed properties.
    • Creating and Exposing Search Scopes in SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Search by Patrick Tisseghem, U2U
      Search scopes in SharePoint Server 2007 are used to narrow the search results returned to users executing a search query. Search scopes can be shared or locally defined. You can use different rules in the definition of a search scope, from simply scoping based on a content source to more complex scoping with conditions using custom metadata. You can view search scopes in the browser with scope pickers. Scope pickers are connected to a display group listing the scopes to be displayed.
    • Creating Content Sources to Crawl Business Data in SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Search by Patrick Tisseghem, U2U
      A content source is a location that contains resources, and you may want the resources crawled or indexed. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 includes functionality to search Web sites and SharePoint sites, folders, and data exposed using the Business Data Catalog.  In this Visual How-to article, we'll focus on working with the Business Data Catalog with step-by-step instructions and samples.

    Business Data Catalog (BDC)

    • Refining Business Data Catalog Search with Scopes by Ryan Femling, 3Sharp
      You can use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to search entities and other Business Data Catalog items, site collections, and people. You can easily refine the results of these Business Data Catalog searches with scopes. When you define the scopes, you can use them to segregate your Business Data Catalog search results from the rest of your SharePoint Server 2007 search results. You can display this data in a separate Web Part on the Search Results, or in a separate landing page altogether. This ability to segregate yet display the data side-by-side allows the searcher to easily see what they have searched on that is in the Business Data Catalog, along with any relevant material from SharePoint Server 2007.
    • Using Business Data Catalog Actions to Pass Parameters to InfoPath 2007 Browser Forms by David Gerhardt, 3Sharp
      You can build forms with Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 that run both in InfoPath 2007 and in a Web browser. For browser scenarios, you can integrate with the Business Data Catalog in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 by having a custom action pass a parameter value to form files.
    • Filtering one Business Data Catalog List from Another by Using Associations in SharePoint Server 2007 by John Peltonen, 3Sharp (previously announced)
      The Business Data Catalog allows you to define multiple entities for a given line-of-business (LOB) system. Furthermore, within the metadata file, you can create associations that define a hierarchy within the entities. For example, if there are two entities defined, such as customers and orders, you can create an association to tie the customer entity directly to the order entity. This allows users within your Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 portal to create master-child behavior.
    • Creating Business Data Catalog Entities in SharePoint Server 2007 by John Peltonen, 3Sharp (previously announced)
      The Business Data Catalog is a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 feature that exposes and incorporates Line-of-Business (LOB) data into other baseline portal functionality, such as lists and enterprise search. To incorporate this data into your portal, you must build an XML file that identifies where the data is stored (either Microsoft SQL Server or a Web service) and what the data looks like (for example, what the data types and primary keys are).

    Excel Services

    • Creating Managed-Code UDFs for Excel Services by Joel Krist, Akona Systems
      Much like previous versions of Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 provides support for user-defined functions (UDFs). UDFs are custom functions that extend the calculation and data-import capabilities of Excel 2007.
    • Retrieving Excel 2007 Workbooks or Snapshots Using Office SharePoint Server 2007 Excel Services by Joel Krist, Akona Systems (previously announced)
      If you want to save a copy of an up-to-date workbook, store it somewhere, send it to someone, and so on, you can retrieve an entire workbook or a snapshot using Excel Web Services. When a user or application requests a snapshot, Excel Services opens the Excel file on the server, refreshes data sources, and calculates all Excel formulas. Excel Services then generates and sends a snapshot back through the Web service API.

    Let us know what you think!  We have many more coming soon for MOSS, and we look forward to your feedback about the subjects we're choosing, the usefulness, and the technical depth of the videos.  Let us know what you'd like to start seeing more of or less of!

    More information:  Office Visual How-to Center on MSDN

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    The Microsoft Office Project 2007 SDK has been refreshed on MSDN!


    In addition to SharePoint, my team also writes and publishes SDK content for the Enterprise Project Management (EPM) offering of the 2007 Microsoft Office System, which includes Project, Project Server, Project Portfolio Server, and Project Web Access.

    The SDK was just refreshed to include a substantial amount of new content and downloads for the Microsoft EPM offering.  Thanks to Jim on my team for compiling this excellent list of what's new and changed:

    The April update of the Project 2007 SDK is now available on MSDN and the SDK download is published.


    ·         SDK Download: .
    The pj12ProjectSDK.exe download includes (new and updated items in blue bold):

    o   pjSDK2007.chm (conceptual topics and managed code reference – the same topics as on the MSDN online library)

    o   pj12ReportingDB.chm (Reporting database schema reference and Visio diagrams)

      • OLAPCubeSchemas.xls (dimensions, measures, and properties of the Project Server OLAP cubes)
      • XML data interchange schema for Project 2007 (mspdi_pj12.xsd plus supplemental schemas for enterprise custom fields)
      • Statusing schemas (ChangeList.xsd and SetAssignmentWorkData.xsd)
      • Project Portfolio Server 2007 Database Reference (AccountData and AccountIndex)
      • Redistribution license for the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll
      • SDK code samples:
        1. ChangeXML Utility: generate, validate, and test ChangeXML parameters for the UpdateStatus method
        2. Custom Web Parts: two samples; one uses the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.PWA.dll assembly, and one does not
        3. Impersonation: two samples; a simple console application and the Impersonation Web Application
        4. Login Demo
        5. OLP Example
        6. Project Guide: default Project Guide files, and the sample Critical Path custom Project Guide updated for Project 2007
        7. Project Workspace
        8. ProjTool: a sample application to help generate data and test many of the PSI methods
        9. PSI Extensions: develop and test a custom PSI Web service
        10. Report Pack: seven sample reports using SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 (SP1)
        11. Test Event Handler
    • SDK Online: Project 2007 SDK in MSDN online library:
      • Object Model Maps: The Project 2007 VBA Reference was also recently posted on MSDN, along with four pages of the new Project object model maps. For example, click any object in Application and Projects Object Map to go to the topic for that object. You can also see the object model maps in VBA Help when you use Project Standard or Project Professional. In the Project Help window, click the Connection Status menu at the lower right, and then select Show content from Office Online.
    • Portal:  Project Developer Portal in the Office Developer Center on MSDN includes links to the Project 2007 SDK,  Project 2007 blogs, as well as the Project 2003 SDK.


    What’s new in pjSDK2007.chm and the online SDK:


    In addition to new code samples and schemas in the download, the April update of the SDK includes 97 conceptual topics (28 new since the RTM release) and many updates in the managed code reference topics. Major new and updated conceptual topics include the following:

    ·         XML Schema References for Project (15 topics; includes the ChangeList Schema Reference)

    ·         Changes for Custom Project Guides 

    ·         Custom Fields in OLAP Cubes (in the Local and Enterprise Custom Fields topic)

    ·         How to: Generate ChangeXML for Statusing Updates

    ·         Project Server Report Pack (9 topics)

    ·         Walkthrough: Creating a PSI Extension 

    ·         Walkthrough: Develop an Impersonation Web Application


    Other updates include enumeration descriptions, PSI method permissions, TimesheetDataSet properties, and a VBA sample for Project Deliverables.


    For related content, see the Office Developer Centers,  SharePoint Developer Center, and the SharePoint Server 2007 Developer Portal.



    Stay tuned to this blog for more MSDN content updates this week and next...

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    Announcing the 1st Office Visual How to Videos for MOSS! 3 BDC and Excel Services Screencasts Posted on MSDN!


    I'm very excited to announce that we launched a new content type on MSDN recently:  the Office Visual How to

    Here's the idea behind the Office Visual How to topics:

    • See It.  If you've got 10 - 15 minutes to watch a video showing the code in action, you can stream it from the article page.  You can also download it!
    • Code It.  If you want to see the code and copy it into your project to try it out yourself, it's also printed with the article.
    • Read It.  We also walk you through the code and give you contextual information so you can see what's going on in detail.
    • Explore It.  We provide links to more information in the MOSS SDK, on the MOSS Developer Portal, in team blogs, and elsewhere on MSDN.

    We have 3 new Visual How to topics for MOSS that went live this week:

    We have a long list of MOSS videos and topics that will go live in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to this blog or the MOSS Portal on MSDN for updates!  Also, don't forget to check out the Office Developer How-to Center on MSDN for a complete list of our popular How-to content type.

    Also published recently on MSDN:

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    More New MOSS and WSS Content on MSDN! (March 19, 2007)


    You may have seen some of these announced elsewhere; however, I have aggregated our recent activity and posted the following list of new and updated content.


    Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint Services 1.0 has been released! Download it today to get started building SharePoint solutions with Visual Studio:

    MSDN Information Centers

    We have three new Information Centers on the MSDN SharePoint portal. An Information Center is a starting page for learning about a particular feature or task, with links to SDK content, articles, blog postings, downloads, and more. From the links on these pages, you can dive deep into any subject in the SDK in the MSDN Library, or you can find great resources that help you learn or troubleshoot a task or an issue.

    SharePoint Server 2007 Information Center

    We added seven new headlines and six new downloads to this "Getting Started" page; check it out!

    Enterprise Search Information Center

    Check out the Enterprise Search Deep Dives.

    Videos and Webcasts

    There are more videos, webcasts, and Office Visual How To articles and videos coming next month. Check this page for what is available now:

    If you haven't seen them already, be sure to check out the Business Data Catalog, Migration and Upgrade Information, Excel Services, and Web Content Management Information Centers as well. We are constantly updating the portal to ensure you have the latest information about SharePoint development.

    Coming Soon

    April is going to be a huge month for us, so keep your bookmarks updated at! On its way next month we plan to have:

    • MSDN Library SDK refresh
    • Office Visual How To articles and Screencasts
    • New Articles and White Papers
    • Book Excerpts
    • Workflow and ECM Information Centers
    • And more!
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    New MSDN Technical Articles and Downloads Published for MOSS


    The following MOSS Technical Articles have been published recently in the MSDN Library.  There is one article about Enterprise Search Best Practices, and three articles (two with downloads) about Excel Services.

    Enterprise Search

    Excel Services


    What is a Technical Article?  Typically, it is a magazine-style article of 5 - 25 pages that demonstrates an end-to-end scenario around a core programming task.  Often there are downloadable samples with the article, and at the very least we have code inline with the article.  Another distinguishing feature is that articles usually stand on their own; in other words, you can read the article from end-to-end and get the full story.  Nevertheless, we always provide links to additional information or to the relevant sections of the SDK.

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    MOSS Developer Portal on MSDN Updated


    Hello folks.

    We just published a major update to the MOSS Developer portal on MSDN, which you can access easily by typing

    MOSS Developer Portal

    In addition to putting some useful links on the home page to highlight recently published or "Top" articles, we extended the scope of what we call Information Centers. Information Centers are pages full of resources and "Getting Started" information for folks who want to dig deeper into MOSS.  Our goal is to create the most useful and reliable lists of resources for developers that can be referenced repeatedly and bookmarked for use in the future.  Our current pages include:

    We also updated the following pages to reflect newly published content:

    We intend to add more Information Centers in the coming months; please let us know if you have any suggestions.  The next two pages on our list of priorities are Enterprise Search and Workflow.

    Let us know how we're doing, and keep checking back each month for updates to the MOSS Developer Portal.

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    10 Essential Resources for SharePoint Developers


    10 Essential Resources for SharePoint Developers

    Last month we took an inventory of all the things Microsoft has been producing for SharePoint developers, and we thought it was a great list to share broadly.  Even though I wanted this to be a “Top 10” list, I ended up with 14 items!

    1.       Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) SDK and ECM Starter Kit

    2.       Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) SDK and Workflow Starter Kit
    Note   The MOSS SDK includes the WSS SDK documentation and a more robust starter kit

    3.       Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint Services (November CTP)

    4.       Customizing and Branding Web Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites

    ·         Customizing and Branding Web Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites
    (Part 1 of 3):
    Understanding Web Content Management and the Default Features

    ·         Customizing and Branding Web Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites
    (Part 2 of 3):
    Extending WCM

    ·         Customizing and Branding Web Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites
    (Part 3 of 3):
    Creating and Configuring WCM-Enabled Sites

    5.       MOSS for Content Management Server Developers (Beta)
    Three papers + an analysis tool:

    ·         SharePoint Server 2007 for MCMS 2002 Developers

    ·         Assessing and Analyzing Your MCMS 2002 Application for Migration  

    ·         Mapping MCMS 2002 APIs to SharePoint Server 2007

    ·         CMS Assessment Tool

    ·         Planning MCMS 2002 Application Migration to SharePoint Server 2007

    6.       Office Developer Screencasts (applies to all of Office)

    7.       SharePoint Developer Map (also includes InfoPath and 2007 Office System posters)

    8.       MOSS and WSS Online Clinics
    Online clinics covering SharePoint technology are free for a limited time!!!  Check 'em out:

    ·         WSS Development:

    ·         WSS Infrastructure:

    ·         MOSS Development:

    ·         MOSS Infrastructure:

    9.       MOSS portal on the Office Developer Center

    ·         Includes the Upgrade and Migration Center for SharePoint Developers

    10.   SharePoint Developer Center

    11.   7 Development Projects for SharePoint – online book

    12.   MSDN Community Content
    MSDN Community Content is a way of providing Wiki-style annotations to core Microsoft documentation.  For example, you can add code samples, remarks or “gotchas,” translations, or other comments that enhance or supplement the core MSDN documentation.

    ·         WSS –

    ·         MOSS –

    13.   F1 Help from Visual Studio Document Explorer
    Follow the steps in this blog post to receive F1 Help directly from your code in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

    14.   Project SDK Download
    I see a lot of questions about SharePoint integration with Project Server, and the Project SDK is also produced by my team.

    We’re Not Done Yet

    We are by no means finished producing content for the 2007 Office System and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.  We are already in the throes of updating the SDKs for a post-RTM release—in addition to writing articles, tools, and other rich media that will be released in the calendar year of 2007.

    If you haven’t already seen Erika Ehrli’s blog post about the 2007 Office System Developer resources, check that out, too:


    More from our SharePoint MVPs and Partners

    Our SharePoint MVPs are also producing great lists of resources for SharePoint; here are two examples if you haven’t already seen them.

    ·         Andrew Connell –

    ·         Mark Kruger –

    And finally, Todd Bleeker’s book, Developer's Guide to the Windows SharePoint Services v3 Platform, is now available for purchase.  The ISBN numbers are ISBN-10: 1584505001 and ISBN-13: 978-1584505006; the book is published through Charles River Media and is available from online book retailers.  Check out Patrick Tisseghem’s blog for more information about this and more upcoming books for SharePoint.

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    Download the RTM MOSS SDK or the RTM WSS SDK


    Download the MOSS SDK or the WSS SDK

    We have officially made the released versions (we refer to it internally as “RTM,” or released to manufacturing) of the MOSS SDK for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and the WSS SDK for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0!

    ·         Download the MOSS SDK:

    ·         Download the WSS SDK:


    SDK Highlights

    We created two downloads for your convenience: one for MOSS developers and a second for WSS platform developers.  If you are developing against WSS only, you’ll want to install the WSS SDK; otherwise, downloading the MOSS SDK will give you everything you need—including platform information!

    1.       Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Software Development Kit and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Starter Kit

    Who it’s for:  MOSS developers

    Where it installs:  [WindowsVolume]:\2007 Office System Developer Resources\

    What it contains:

    ·         SharePoint Server 2007 SDK Documentation (OSSSDK2007.chm)

    ·         Office Forms Server 2007 SDK Documentation (OFS12sdk.chm)

    ·         Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK Documentation (WSS3sdk.chm)

    ·         MOSS SDK Code Samples to use in conjunction with SDK documentation

    o   5 Business Data Catalog (BDC) Metadata Samples

    o   Pluggable Single Sign-on (SSO) Provider

    o   Sample Web Service

    o   Web Part Filters and Consumers

    ·         ECM Starter Kit

    o   ECM feature extension code samples

    §  Content Processing: Document Converters (Comment Scrub Converter) and Term Replacement Document Inspector

    §  Records Management: De-duplication Router, Document Integrity Policy Feature, Records Repository Submit, Sample Barcode Provider, and Search Collect and Hold

    o   Supplemental developer whitepapers:

    §  Digital Signatures in the 2007 Microsoft Office System: A Developer's Guide

    §  Encryption and Rights Management in the 2007 Microsoft Office System: A Developers Guide

    §  Importing Custom Actions into Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

    §  Workflow Security in Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server 2007

    §  Introduction to Information Rights Management White Papers

    §  Configuring Information Rights Management in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

    §  Information Rights Management in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: An Overview

    §  Pluggable Rights Management in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

    o   Visual Studio Workflow templates for MOSS

    §  Approval Workflow Sample

    §  ASPX Collect Feedback

    §  Confidential Approval Sample

    §  Custom Reports

    §  ECM Activities

    §  Group Approval

    §  Hello World Sequential

    §  InterSystem Workflow

    §  List Item Activities

    §  Modification Sample

    §  Multistage Workflow

    §  Replicator Contact Selector Sample

    §  Signatures Workflow Sample

    §  State Machine Approval Workflow


    2.       Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Software Development Kit and Workflow Starter Kit (a.k.a. Windows SharePoint Services Developer Resources)

    Who it’s for:  WSS developers

    Where it installs:  [WindowsVolume]:\Windows SharePoint Services Developer Resources\

    What it contains:

    ·         Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK Documentation (WSS3sdk.chm)

    ·         Workflow Starter Kit

    o   Visual Studio Workflow templates

    §  ASPX Collect Feedback


    Contribute Online to the SDK through MSDN Community Content

    MSDN Community Content is a way of providing Wiki-style annotations to core Microsoft documentation.  For example, you can add code samples, remarks or “gotchas,” translations, or other comments that enhance or supplement the core MSDN documentation.

    ·         MOSS SDK –

    ·         WSS SDK –

    ·         Office Forms Server SDK –

    More information about MSDN Community Content can be found in the FAQ or in Andrew May’s blog.

    More Information

    For more information about additional content, samples, and downloads we have made available for developers, you can bookmark the following Web portals on MSDN (check back often for updates):

    ·         Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Developer Portal on the Office Developer Center

    ·         Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Developer Center

    I have also listed “10 Essential Resources for SharePoint Developers” in my blog:

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    Branding SharePoint Sites - MSDN Articles Published!

    I'm pleased to announce that we have published all 3 parts of the following MSDN Technical Article series:

    These articles were written by Patrick Tisseghem, an MVP and trainer at U2U in Belgium.  He's also got a terrific blog here:

    Please post a comment about the papers if you have any feedback.

    [Updated on 11/9 - we published Part 3 on MSDN this afternoon]

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    Doc This!


    We just published the Beta 2 Technical Refresh for the following SDK Documentation:

    Occasionally, you may find a type or a method in the Class Library Reference that hasn't been documented yet.  If you encounter a type or a method that you want to see documented, post a comment to this blog entry and we will prioritize your suggestions and keep track of the requests.  If we have information immediately available, we may even reply quickly with descriptions and remarks. For example:

    Need documentation on T:Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.TemplateRedirectionPage

    <summary>This page class is used as base page class for all publishing pages that utilize a page layout. One should avoid authoring a publishing page and use this page class directly because the required ASPX markup may change in future releases. Authors should use "Create Page" UI to create new publishing pages and developers should use PublishingPageCollection.Add() methods to create new page through OM.</summary>

      <remarks>This class can only be used in a page inside a document library and the page must have a valid ContentTypeId.PageLayout field</remarks>

    Post a comment to tell us to Doc This!

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    Enterprise Project Management SDK Content Refreshed for Beta 2TR!

    In addition to the SharePoint SDKs being published on MSDN, the Beta 2 TR update of the Project 2007 SDK is now published.


    ·         SDK Download:

      • pj12ProjectSDK.exe includes two HTML Help files:
        pjSDK2007.chm (conceptual topics and managed code reference), and
        pj12ReportingDB.chm (a preliminary Reporting Database Schema reference).
      • pj12ProjectSDKSamples.exe includes the following complete sample projects that relate to topics in the SDK.


    What’s new:


    The Beta 2 TR SDK includes updates of the seven “How to” and “Walkthrough” topics in the Beta 1 and Beta 2 releases, plus the following:

    ·         How to: Create a Project Workspace and Link it to a Project

    ·         How to: Use the OLP to Link an Object to a Task

    ·         Using the ProjTool Test Application (guide to the sample application in the download) 


    Beta 2 TR conceptual topics include updates of the Beta 1 and Beta 2 topics, plus the following new topics:

    ·         Windows SharePoint Services Infrastructure for Project Server

    ·         Using the Object Link Provider

    ·         The Reporting Database and Report Data Service 

    ·         PSI Methods for the RDB

    ·         Events for the RDB

    ·         Prerequisites for Reference Code Samples  


    The PSI reference is updated with new code samples for methods in the Project and Resource Web services, among other changes.


    Related content and SDKs include the Office Developer Centers, SharePoint Developer Center, the SharePoint SDKs in MSDN online, and the following downloads for Beta 2 TR:

    Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Software Development Kit

    SharePoint Server 2007: Software Development Kit


  • SharePoint 2010 Development

    Web Content Management (WCM) New and Updated Content in the SharePoint SDK for Beta 2TR


    Here are the Web Content Management (WCM) details, including the classes by namespace that we prioritized and documented in this SDK update, along with other new/updated details that I didn’t include in my original post here:


    What’s New

    ·         Custom Caching Overview:  4 new topics dedicated to caching in MOSS. The “How to: Extend Caching by Using the VaryByCustom Event  Handler” topic has also been revised and expanded.

    ·         How to: Create a Minimal Master Page

    ·         ~370 member topics in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.*  namespaces. Here’s the breakdown:



    ·         CbqQueryCache

    ·         CrossListQueryCache

    ·         IDocumentConverterControl

    ·         IWebPartVariationUpdate

    ·         PageLayout

    ·         PublishingCachablePage

    ·         PublishingPage

    ·         PublishingPageCollection

    ·         PublishingWeb

    ·         PublishingWebCollection

    ·         ScheduledItem

    ·         SummaryLink



    ·         ContentDeploymentJob

    ·         ContentDeploymentPath

    ·         ContentMigration

    ·         MigrationProfile



    ·         HtmlValidationContext

    ·         ImageFieldValue

    ·         LinkFieldValue

    ·         SummaryLinkFieldValue



    ·         PortalListItemSiteMapNode

    ·         PortalListSiteMapNode



    ·         ConsoleNode

    ·         SPUrlExpressionBuilder


    What’s Updated

    ·         Field Controls and Control Templates

    ·         How to: Customize Page Editing Toolbar Components—(almost a new topic, really)

    ·         How to: Customize the HTML Editor Field Control

    ·         How to: Customize the Asset Picker

    ·         How to: Customize Styles

    ·         How to: Display Custom Fields in a Content Query Web Part

    ·         Page Publishing Using Document Converters (all topics in this node thoroughly edited)

    ·         How to: Customize the Variation Root Landing Logic

    ·         How to: Customize the Variations Label Control Logic

    ·         Almost all other topics were edited and edits were incorporated. Let me know if you’d like the full list.



    If you need additional information on the SDK update for Beta 2TR, please see my related post here:


    And don't forget the Upgrade and Migration Center for MOSS 2007, which is in the MOSS portal of the Office Developer Center:


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    SharePoint SDKs Refreshed for Beta 2TR!


    As part of the Beta 2 Technical Refresh (TR), we have updated our Software Development Kit (SDK) downloads on the Download Center.  Read on for more details...


    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Beta)

    You can download the updated SDK Content for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 here:


    The downloadable SDK Samples have also been updated for Beta 2TR.  You can download the samples from the same download page.

    ·    OSSSDKSamples.exe contains the following sample projects that relate to topics in the SDK: Business Data Catalog metadata samples, Custom Single Sign-On Provider, SampleWebService, and Custom Filter Web Parts. The sample projects use Microsoft Visual C#® and Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005.


    You can also view the SDK documentation in the MSDN Library here:


    What’s New and Updated for Beta 2TR

    Our team of writers and editors have been busy adding and updating major sections of the SDK, including:

    ·   Business Data Catalog object model

    ·   Business Data Catalog - Warnings and Error Messages

    ·   Updated Metadata Model and “How to” topics

    ·   Custom Caching Overview:  4 new topics dedicated to caching in MOSS. The “How to: Extend Caching by Using the VaryByCustom Event  Handler” topic has also been revised and expanded.

    ·   Web Content Management (WCM) “How to” topics, including How To: Create a Minimal Master Page and How to: Customize Page Editing Toolbar Components

    ·   ~370 member topics in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.*  namespaces.  More details can be found in this post:

    ·   Field Controls and Control Templates

    ·   And so much more!


    Send your feedback on the content to or post a comment to this blog.  We want to hear from you!


    Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (Beta)

    You can download the updated SDK Content for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 here:


    Be sure to check out the Windows SharePoint Services Developer Center on MSDN for more great resources.  The shortcut URL is


    What’s New and Updated for Beta 2TR

    Our team of writers and editors have been busy adding and updating major sections of the SDK, including:

    ·         Solutions schemas

    ·         Forms

    ·         Web Services Nodes re-architected, legacy content updated

    ·         The Content Types and Columns conceptual nodes extensively updated.

    ·         Feature schema reference topics added for Content Types, Content Type Binding, and Workflow.

    ·         Document Parser node added, including reference topics for the document parser API

    ·         IRM node extensively updated/expanded, including reference topics for the revised IRM API

    ·         XML Parser node added

    ·         And so much more!


    Send your feedback on the content to or post a comment to this blog.  We want to hear from you!



    Installing Beta 2TR

    If you need to download the Technical Refresh, please see the following Blog Entries on the SharePoint Team Blog: 

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    SharePoint Development Tip: Getting Context-sensitive F1 Help Directly from the MSDN Library


    If you're a developer working in Visual Studio 2005, you can use F1 context-sensitive Help to jump directly to an SDK topic when you highlight a Method, Class, or Property in the code window.

    Now that our SharePoint SDKs are live on MSDN, F1 Help functionality works with the Help viewer in Visual Studio 2005 without installing the entire SDK.  This is great for a situation where you have Internet access but you don't have the SDK installed on your development machine.

    Here's how:

    1. In Visual Studio, press F1.
    2. In Microsoft Document Explorer (Visual Studio’s Help viewer), on the Tools menu, click Options.
    3. Click Online.
    4. Select Try online first, then local.

    5. Click OK.

    Now when you type code and press F1 on selected members, you get results directly from MSDN (even if you haven’t installed the SDK).


    If you don’t get the right context-sensitive results on the first try, use the F1 Options drop-down at the top of the window to select the correct member:

    When no exact match is found, Document Explorer opens the Index tab and navigates to the place in the index where the closest match exists.  Click the member for which you want to display Help to open the Help topic.


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