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  • Blog Post: Easiest way to use Smooth Streaming on the client

    One of the things I’ve found with Smooth Streaming is that people have no idea how to create a Silverlight application and run that on their web server. One of the easiest ways for most people is going to be to use the Silverlight Media Framework from http://smf.codeplex.com/ . All you have to...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight installation requires the SSE CPU instruction set

    One of the guys on my team recently tried installing Silverlight 2.0 on one of his older systems. He got the error, "Unable to install Silverlight" and, "Your processor is not supported." When you click on More information you see the error: Message ID: 1503 Microsoft Silverlight is not supported...
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting the Silverlight MediaElement 4001 Error

    This is my first post on Silverlight, so I thought I would post on a common issue that I've seen developers have problems with. Since I focus mainly on the MediaElement piece of Silverlight I'm going to stick almost solely to that on this blog when I post about Silverlight. If you've ever developed...
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