1) Install Expression Encoder 4

2) Install Expression Blend 4

3) Download, install and register "Visual Studio C# 2010 Express" http://www.microsoft.com/express/downloads/   (skip this step if you have full Visual Studio 2010 installed)

4) Launch Expression Encoder 4 -- Select "Silverlight Experience"

5) From the "Template" panel select a template on which to base your branded player:

6) From the “Gear” menu in the “Templates” panel select “Edit copy of template in -> Expression Blend”


7) Give your custom template a suitable name:


8) Once Blend 4 launches – rebuild the player – using the “Project -> Rebuild Project” command:

9) After rebuild completes – edit the current template – in the “Objects and Timeline” panel, right click on “myPlayer” and use the “Edit Template -> Edit Current” command:

Note:  The instructions in steps 10-11 are just one example of how to modify the player XAML to customize the appearance of a player template to suit your needs – in most cases you’ll probably want to do more – my hope is that this is enough to get you started.

 10) Navigate down into the template to find the “playerFrame” object and use the “View XAML” command


11)   Change the background color for the template to a brand appropriate color – I choose a dark blue instead of the bright white that is the “Clean” template uses.

12)   Rebuild the template – as in step 8

13)   Back in Expression Encoder 4 – select the template in the drop down and verify that it has the new appearance:


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