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  • Blog Post: Hey look I'm on TV! (well sort of)

    I did a channel 9 interview right before the holidays where I talk about the front end and the IntelliSense architecture in general. I was going to write an intro but I'll be lazy and reuse the one from the interview
  • Blog Post: The Pitfalls of Code Coverage

    When used correctly code coverage can be a great data point to assess your test quality and test holes. What a lot of people don’t realize though is that code coverage doesn’t actually means good tests or even that all the areas that are covered are actually tested correctly. There are several...
  • Blog Post: Manual Testing and Babysitting Your Tests

    No matter how much test automation you have nothing will ever substitute the value added by manual testing. I could go on as to why but nothing beats a real story so here's what happened to me a couple of weeks ago: I had just finished implementing some formatting tests for a new language service...
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