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  • Blog Post: Hey look I'm on TV! (well sort of)

    I did a channel 9 interview right before the holidays where I talk about the front end and the IntelliSense architecture in general. I was going to write an intro but I'll be lazy and reuse the one from the interview
  • Blog Post: No Repro, No Way! - Handling Bugs Before They Come Back To Haunt You

    I haven't actually written in a long time which its an indication of how busy things have been around here. I put together a presentation about how to handle itermitent test failures earlier this year and I've been meaning to turn it into a document and I figured this was a good chance to do just that...
  • Blog Post: Visual C++ IntelliSense Options on Visual Studio 2010

    One of the requests we that we often heard from our customers was the ability to disable IntelliSense at will. There are ways of disabling it on previous versions via macros and other tricks (more details about that from this blog post ) but we all agree that if you want to turn off a feature it should...
  • Blog Post: #include Auto Complete

    One of the new features for C++ in Visual Studio 2010 is the auto completion of #include statements. Overall it’s a pretty simple feature and the behavior is exactly the same as regular IntelliSense auto completion. When you invoke it if there’s an exact match to complete your term the match gets completed...
  • Blog Post: Reading and Writing data using custom methods and the System.Xml Namespace

    On a previous post dealing with Xml Serialization I mentioned that one of the ways you could achieve this was by customizing the read and write methods. I’m going to bypass the wrapping the code into Read/Write methods and go straight to the code: Let’s start with this simple xml file: ...
  • Blog Post: Navigate To (aka Quick Search)

    One of the new features of Visual Studio 10 is the Navigate To feature (previously called Quick Search). I could write a whole article about the discussions around the naming but at least for now we’re sticking to Navigate To (with the disclaimer being that as of today this is not final). The first thing...
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