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I am currently a Test Developer on the Windows Driver Foundation team and work on technologies such as KMDF, UMDF, SDV and PFD. Previously I have been the Test Lead for the Kernel Mode Driver Framework Team for over 4 years. Before that I have worked as a Support Engineer in the DDK Developer Support team for about 3 years. I joined Microsoft out of college in 1999 and have worked on drivers since then.

I am hoping to discuss some of my opinions on how to test device drivers for Windows and also have some general Windows driver development related information, here.

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    Checklist for testing device drivers ...

    So I have been working on coming up with a short checklist for testing device drivers. There are several tools in the WDK that are very useful to find bugs in device drivers. At a minimum, I think the below should ideally be run on every driver package...
  • Driver Testing

    About Me

    I am currently working as a Software Design Engineer in Test in the Windows Driver Foundation group. I have been in Microsoft for over 7 years now after graduating from Michigan State University. After joining Microsoft, I have worked as a Support Engineer...
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