One of the problems I face today is figuring out where to store my important documents. I always store them on my hard disk, and tended to resist the temptation of storing it on a server or on multiple machines (because I can never keep them in sync), but I always run into the problem of the hard disk crashing.

A 250GB hard disk is not much use if it has crashed, and it does not instill confidence in me when things like this happen to me...many times over. I even got an external hard drive and that crashed...hard drive manufacturers need to work on making these really durable and resilient to failure, otherwise, the whole point of having a big disk is going to go away, and I'll have to sit and make copies of all my stuff onto DVDs...which are not scratch resistant either.

I fear that I will have to rely on a server (such as my email server) being my document store...

 My motto with hardware is that it needs to become childproof. Drop it, bang it, pour water on it...and it should just keep working merrily away :)