PDC is coming, from 9/13 - 9/16. This is Microsoft's premier conference for developers, where developers can learn about what all Microsoft is doing to make Windows a more attractive developer platform. Peer to Peer will have a big presence at this event in the following ways:


1. Integrating People Near Me into your application: I am giving this talk. There are just so many ways in which knowing the list of people near me can make your collaborative application experience better. For instance, I'm in a conference room, and want to know the attendee list. Or I'm at another company, and want to share a file with everyone I'm meeting with, or I'm at a hotspot, and want to advertise my interests with people at the hotspot so that they can discover these and start a social interaction etc. Basically, People Near Me gives a way to add a semantic to your collaborative application that you probably don't have right now, because the Windows platform did not give a good way to do this.

With Winodws Vista, we are providing an infrastructure for People Near Me that will allow you to discover the people near me, enumerate what a given person is making available, enumerate what collaborative applications they have installed (such as a game, a meetings application etc), and then invite them into that activity. What's better is that you can find a person near me, and then promote them into being a full contact, now allowing you to interact with them over the Internet! Of course, in such a case for security reasons, both the people involved must add each other as contacts. For instance, you can see if they are online or not, you can see the data they are publishing out, you can invite them into applications and you can launch your activity!

And all this without the use of any servers!

I will have plenty of code to show at the event during this talk. Do come by for this talk. I would love to meet with you all personally as well.

2. An overview of the P2P Developer Platform: This talk will focus on the overall Peer to Peer infrastructure we are providing, both native and managed. It will be given by Sandeep Singhal, my boss. After all, if you can reduce the server ops cost by going to peer to peer, why not! The talk will talk about the work we are doing with the Windows Communication Foundation (multiparty messaging), as well as talk about the work we are doing in Windows Vista as a whole (a peer to peer name resolution mechanism - PNRP, peer to peer data replication - graphing, peer to peer security - grouping, peer to peer contacts, peer to peer presence, peer to peer invite, people near me). After attending this talk, you should come and attend the People Near Me talk to do a deep dive into this particular technology, and learn about application invite as well.

Hope to meet you at this talk!

Hands on Lab

* Integrating People Near Me Functionality into an existing application - we will take you through an existing application and show how easily you can add people near me functionality to it. This is a great lab t attend after attending the talk on People Near Me.

* Multiparty messaging with the Peer Channel - you will learn how to use the peer channel in the Windows Communication Foundation to create multiparty messaging applications that work peer to peer. Think of it as a way of doing multicast that actually works over the Internet!

Birds of a Feather

We are trying to see if we can get a BOF session on PNRP - the serverless name resolution protocol, and the relevant APIs. If we do, it would be a session where we can talk about how PNRP works, how you would use it, and the scenarios where it could be applicable.

Sandeep and I will be at the track lounge available for any questions you have.

If you are interested in more detailed meetings, please let me know, and I will be happy to set up a time with you to discuss any details.

Once again, I look forward to seeing you all there!