I finally landed up at PDC, and was greeted with a "you're not registered with our hotel, and have no place to stay" :) Luckily, the PDC registration team was more competent, gave me a confirmation number, using which the hotel staff was able to locate me on their systems.

I was getting hungry at lunch, and was walking in to get some food, when a good portion of Los Angeles lost power! The convention center went into darkness, and the security staff were very good about showing people the way out, and not letting anyone back in :) In about 30 min, power was restored, however, it was partial power, and I couldn't actually see if the labs were functional.

I came early primarily to check on the condition of the labs. Turns out, the PNM lab was loaded on the wrong set of machines, so it had to be disabled, and loaded on the right set of machines. The people here were very cooperative in helping work on that. The peer channel lab is looking pretty good. I think the attendees will like it.

The powerpoint presentations are also all done at this stage, and are just waiting to be presented. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of people!